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Registration for the TFR
2016-17 Post Graduate certificate course

Please click below to download the application form for the full Certificate Program, and send it back to the address included.

download full course application form ›

If you are only interested in specific weekends or course days as individual modules, and do not wish to register for the complete Program, please use this other link for registration:

download modules registration form ›

Registration Procedure for
Online Classes Credits

If you want to apply for California State CEU credits or NCCAOM PDA points for TFR video classes, please follow the steps below after acquiring the videos on our Vimeo pages.
Details on the videos and links to the relevant pages can be found here ›

1. Fill out the registration form online

This registration form gives you access to the requested credits program.

Proof of payment for the course is necessary. Please have the receipt file for your Vimeo purchase ready on your disk. You will be asked to send it with the form.

go to form ›

2. Watch the course video

3. Fill out the quiz (and the worksheet for PDA applicants) in the online forms

Fill out the quiz online form. This will complete your credits commitment.

You must answer 70% of the questions correctly to receive your certificate. In case less than 70% of the answers are correct, you are allowed to retake the quizz.

for NCCAOM PDA applicants:
Fill out the worksheet questions online for the course.

You can also look it up beforehand as convenient reference while watching the course video.

go to quiz form › go to worksheet form ›

4. Receive the requested credits

Once the test is received it will be reviewed and you will receive the certificate by email.

5. (Optional) fill out the evaluation form

Please download the Program Evaluation pdf, fill it out, and send it back to us either by snail mail or e-mail.

Note: You can fill the evaluation form directly in the pdf file with most relatively recent pdf reader software. You can also fill it in your browser, then download it and send it directly to us by email.

download evaluation pdf ›

Registration for
Other Classes and Teachings

In order to register for the following 2015 Classes:

The Bi Syndrome (November 7-8, 2015)

Please click below to download the registration form and send it back to the address included.

download registration form ›