What is the Teaching from the Roots Program?

The Teaching from the Roots Post Graduate Certificate Program teaches the Chinese medical classics and their clinical, pragmatic value, and seeks application of their ancient traditions in contemporary practices. It was designed by Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée and Ken Rose, both longtime internationally recognized scholars and teachers.

Participants work together to identify and investigate the issues, challenges, and advantages of studying classical Chinese medicine at its roots. They discuss education strategies from classical sources, contemporary theories of learning and instruction, Chinese language tools and essential theoretical and practical principles from the classics that are useful for supporting clinical competence

The work focuses on increasing the participants' skills as a community in teaching and transmitting the roots of Classical medicine, and thus to enhance its development in the years and generations to come.

The format includes both seminar and workshop sections, and is intended to establish a laboratory-like environment by giving the participants as much opportunity as possible to learn from each other. Some leading teachers and practitioners will therefore be invited to share their knowledge and experience.


Who is it for ?

The Teaching from the Roots program is devised for

· instructors in the field of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

· practitioners who aspire to include more of the classics in their practice, to improve their understanding and their technical skill or who aspire to teaching

· AOM community developers and leaders

· clinicians who wish to strengthen their role as teachers to their patients

· and for all those curious about the depth of Chinese medicine or who wish to deepen their knowledge.

(It is possible to attend the Program teachings without being a Certificate Program cohort member.)

The Certificate Program

the week-end seminars

Each weekend seminar focuses on a particular topic of the Chinese medical classics as expressed in their texts, in the language and in the philosophic sources of Chinese medicine.

The week-end classes are from 9am to 5pm.

For participants in the Certificate Program, there is an additional hour laboratory Saturday evening, and a study group on friday afternoon.

In the Friday afternoon workshop sections and in the additional hour on Saturday after the CEU class, participants in the Certificate Program will discuss the application of the previous seminar’s materials, assessing how to enhance their capacity to help their patients and students. Participants are invited to develop and present a culminating class project.

the 5-day retreat

The 5-day retreat usually occurs in April.

The retreat classes are from 9am to 5pm.

Each evening, an additional one-hour laboratory takes place for participants in the Certificate Program, in which the cohort members will work with the instructors to further develop their understanding and their personal insights regarding the application of this material.

The retreat and the seminars are also open to a limited number of Chinese medicine practitioners not enrolled in the Certificate Program; they therefore provide an opportunity for the Program’s participants to observe as well as participate in the teaching of the material.