the Classical Chinese Medicine Interactive Database

The CID is one of the means Teaching from the Roots will use to achieve its essential aims, that is to promote Chinese Medicine literacy rooted in the language and literature of thousands years old tradition, and to develop a work and study environment that allows engagement of students, teachers and practitioners.

It is a collaborative and interactive database presently under construction that is destined to include around 5000 important terms of Classical (traditional) Chinese Medicine.

These entries will be compounded of individual chinese characters or of expressions (lexemes) of two or more characters. They will cover the fields of acupuncture and moxibustion and herbal medicine, but also of tuina, taiji and qigong and different traditional yangsheng practices.

Each entry will include:

· glossary style translations to english or when necessary a very short definition of the translated term,

· explanation of the character and expanded definitions with developed meanings for the glossary style translations,

· quotations from the Chinese Classics and from the medical Classics,

· alternate translations (from other authors, other dictionaries or approaches)

· illustrative case studies, personal experience stories, tcm related analysis and comments and so on.

· practical and technical approaches related to the concept

The CID aims to become a tool of choice to disseminate information to practitioners, teachers and students of Chinese Medicine, and more generally to people interested in the traditional arts related to it.

It will allow and encourage its users to link between the theoretical presentation of the notions and their own practice and experience, and to open up beyond specialized or separate categories.

This database aspires to create links between practitioners, between seasoned therapists and beginners, between all those in the Chinese Medicine community who care for an educated practice.

Work on the CID has already started, and we will update this page as it progresses.