Teaching from the Roots

2016 Certificate Course :

in Chinese Medical Classics?

For 2016 TFR offers a year-long exploration of this topic which is probably one of the most valued for clinicians. The course consists of three weekends and a five day retreat spread over the year.

Among the topics considered are:

· What are Health and Disease?

· Understanding the role of fluids

· The sense organs and their role in the clinic

· The role of touch and methods of touch

· Tongue and speech in classical Chinese medicine

· What are sanity and insanity?

· Emotion as the root of disorder

· What does it mean to treat?

· What is appropriate behavior according to the classical texts

· What is the attitude of the great physician?

What is Teaching from the Roots ?

Teaching from the Roots (TFR) is an educational strategy developed by Three Springs Institute to enhance the educational foundations of traditional Chinese medicine.